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is operated by Turning Point Publications, LLC.  It offers entertaining, yet meaningful plays for your youth drama ministry.  Upon ordering the play(s) of your choice, you are given an authorization number(s), which grants you the right to produce the play(s) as frequently as you desire.

Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday - Thursday (See bottom of page for additional info)

List of Plays for Teens

bulletStop Pressuring Me

Worth the Wait


All I Want for Christmas


A Mother's Prayer


"Stop Pressuring Me"  (click title for additional information)

This full length play is written for teenagers.  

Television, peers, teachers, parents, pastors, music  - how can teenagers make right choices when they feel bombarded with diverse solutions to the same situation. 

Pressure is serious and can have detrimental effects.  For example, did you know that suicide is the third leading cause of death for people ages 15-24 and that for youth ages 10-14, suicide increased 100% between 1980 to 1996?  Furthermore, it is reported that nearly 5,000 people between 15-24 commit suicide every year.  Shock waves were sent through agencies when the Center for Disease Control reported that the suicide rate increased most rapidly among black males between ages of 15-19 at a rate of 105%.  And parents, the weapon of choice for 60% of suicides committed is a gun, often, the family’s gun. More people die from suicide every year than homicide.

Nikeä says "Just Do It."   His friend tells him "it's just marijuana."  Nancy Reagan says "Just Say No."  The Pastor says "God can keep you if you want to be kept."  Music says "It's your thang, do what you wanna do."  The boyfriend tells her "if you love me you'd do it."  Her body is screaming, "if you don't do something, I'm going to explode."  Her parents are telling her "you better not."  She's saying "Stop Pressuring Me." 

Product # SP-2050    Cost:  $15.00

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"Worth The Wait" (click title for additional details)

This full length play is written for teenagers.

The Children's Fund reports that 1 out of 8 teenagers become pregnant.  Seeing a need to minister to our teens, Pam wrote this play.  

 It deals with a teenager's struggle to overcome her disappointment in her absentee father and her anger at her career driven mother ; as well as her battle to keep her virginity in the midst of her loneliness and pressure from her popular boyfriend.   



Melinda -  teenager struggling with feelings of being rejected by her father and being pressured to have sex.  She’s angry with her mother because she never seems to have time for her. (leading role) (age = 15-16)


Gary - Melinda’s boyfriend (leading role)


Regina - Melinda’s best friend (leading role)


Mercedes – Attractive teen who is sexually active and proud of it


Tonya - a teen who has had a baby and learned from her choices.


Bill – Teen male who is dating Mercedes


Sue – Teen who is sexually active and very vocal about it


Dwayne – Male teen who is sexually active and proud (he also runs track)


Jason – Christian male who is a virgin


Janice – Teen who prays opening prayer at rap session (she also runs track)


Ms. Jones – Melinda’s Mom, a youth director and a good singer.  She is still angry with her husband for leaving her for another woman and she has poured herself into a very successful career to ease the pain.


Grandma Jones – Melinda’s Grandma and Ms. Jones’ mother-in-law


Ms. Betty – Youth Director


Six or Seven other youth or more can be used to attend the rap session



 Product # WW-2054      Cost:  $18.00

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A Mother's Prayer (Mother's Day or any day)


This full length play is excellent for Mother's Day and is written for all ages.  It is about a praying mother who refused to give up.  She stood firm and held her family together through difficult times.   She wouldn't let her oldest son be swallowed up in drugs, even if it meant snatching him out of the hands of the devil himself.  To some she didn't have much but if they only knew the power that she possessed when she prayed.

After producing this play at a church, I received one of the greatest compliments from a mother who said she saw herself and her son throughout the play and how it ministered to her.

Click here for even more details on the play or to place your order

Product # MP-2028    Cost:  15.00

(for adults and youth)

All I Want For Christmas

This full length play is written for all ages.  It is about a poor family who's father became addicted to crack and left his family.  The Christian mother of three young children is left trying to pick up the pieces.  As Christmas approaches, the mother is faced with having to deal with the bitterness of her young daughter who can't grasp why in her mind her father no longer cares about her; and the father is struggling to find his way back.  Your church will be touched as it witnesses what many families experience on a daily basis, not just during Christmas.

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Plays are sent via E-Mail 

After we  receive your payment we will e-mail you the play(s) in Adobe Acrobat ReaderŌ.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader you can download for free by visiting 



If you choose not to order online, you may contact us to process your order; or you may mail your payment.


Ordering Information:

We accept Visa & MasterCard. Order your play today by clicking here on Turning Point Publications store then click on Royalty-Free Plays.

Play will be emailed to you unless you include shipping and handling; click on the play you want for further details.

If you choose not to pay by credit card, to order any of the above plays, please mail a check or money order to Turning Point Publications  made payable to  Turning Point Publications:



2822 Cashwell Dr #144

Goldsboro, NC 27534


Please include the name(s) of the play(s) to ensure that you are ordering the correct play(s). Include your email address so the play can be emailed.  Plays are only shipped via email.


North Carolina Residents add 6.75% sales tax.

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In addition to Visa & MasterCard we also accept PayPal
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